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Smart Organization Systems to Find Peace in Your Home.

Synchronize Your Spaces

Sometimes there are rooms or spaces in our homes that just don’t flow. They could be a messy kitchen, a cluttered corner, or a bedroom where we just can’t relax.  This program focuses on putting a system in place in a specific area of your home.

The Home Flow System

A holistic approach to overcome clutter and simplify your home. Together, we will put in place a system that synchronizes each room, from one to another, allowing you to experience the flow and peace of an organized and efficient home environment.

…I tried to organize my home before but it never sticks…

Get effective systems to simplify your home, take control of the clutter problem and organize step by step so you can save time, relax and start afresh in your newly organized home.


Break the cycle and learn to throw it away.


Get personalized organization plans especially for your home.


Your home will no longer hang over you.

What Is The Process Like?

My process is simple and includes 5 steps.  

I maintain the same approach whether we’re reorganizing one room of your house or the whole house and whether the job is done in-person or remotely. 

My services are available in person to all of those living in the Madrid (Spain) area.

1. Insight

During this first step, you show me the space you want to reorganize. This helps me to know how you have been using the space so far, what are the most problematic areas, and what your dream idea is for this space.

2. Personalised Plan

You will receive a personal plan for your space and the approximate time it will take to implement it.

3. Organization Day!

We immediately get to work by following these steps:

  • Remove everything from the space
  • Relocate/Trash things that don’t belong there
  • Categorize into groups
  • Replace always keeping the access in mind
4. Maintenance

I create a system around your needs and most importantly we use labeling to help ensure your space REMAINS organized.

5. Enjoy the flow of your new space!

Make yourself a cup of tea, sit, relax, and contemplate. Feel good in your wonderful, highly functional, efficient, neat, and “oh so pretty!” new space! 

Download my Free eBook

“Six Systems for Maintaining Order in Your Home”

This free ebook contains tips that are quick and easy to implement, that will help you to organize your home, one system at a time!

Organization Packages

In-Person Home Organization

Avail of one-to-one professional organization and decluttering with me if you live in or close to Madrid.  I have packages focusing on specific rooms or on the whole home.

Remote Home Organization

Bring peace and order to your home with a professional organizer virtually. I offer 1h consultations and a full day. 

More Details

1-hour consultations

  • FaceTime call with Lynne
  • Walk around your home to discuss areas where you want to focus, create space and organize
  • Organization solutions for your home
  • Space-saving techniques and advice

Tech Decluttering Package

Remove your computer clutter, organize all those pen drives, as well as the hard drives, and your photos with my tech decluttering package available remotely.

About Me

Hi, I’m Lynne! I help busy mamas introduce systems into their homes so that they can create space, maintain order and restore the balance in their homes.

I know how difficult it can be to keep on top of piles, toys, clothes, and the general accumulation of STUFF. 

It’s overwhelming when nothing seems like it has a place and you feel guilty when your family can’t find things.  I understand it is frustrating when you put aside time sticks.

I have put effective systems into homes of busy families, computers of busy entrepreneurs, and I will help you organize your space step by step giving you a sense of relief and freedom from clutter.


“Our family moves often. This brings organizational challenges like fitting things into a new space, downsizing, and less motivation to optimize the current space when another move is already on the horizon.  Lynne helped us pare down what we owned and set up flexible organizational systems to take with us to the next house. Thank you, Lynne!!”


Working with Lynne to organize my home was fantastic! She had amazing ideas and tips for everything from kids clothes to kitchen gadgets.  I’m a mom of FOUR children living in an apartment in Madrid so things can get hairy fast in our home!
Hire Lynne to organize your space!
You will be amazed how much TIME and LIFE you get back from having your home well organized! 


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