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Bespoke Declutter Deluxe – The Home Harmony Organizer

Can you imagine your home as a haven of organised tranquility? Where everything has its place and can be found at a moment’s notice? Such a dream is possible with the Bespoke Declutter Deluxe package. Our expert will help you get to Home Harmony Heaven with a personalised plan which fits around you and your family, enabling you to keep your home organised and clutter-free.


The decluttering service includes:

  • A one-on-one session where our expert will reorganise the space completely in one day.
  • Discovery call to view your space and provide you with a fixed price right from the start.
  • All the new materials needed for your space, such as boxes and baskets that fit in with your other furnishings and your personal style.
  • A system would be designed exclusively for you to follow and help to maintain order.
  • Includes the removal of anything to be donated or recycled (including electronics) so that the space is clear of everything that is no longer needed.
  • Unlimited labels for all your storage, helping you locate things swiftly and easily.

PRICE: Book a free call, you can show me your space and I will give you a price for our in-person session including the materials.


Declutter Delight – Rapid Organizer Service

Create a calm, organised space with our 90-minute programme. Our empathetic expert will guide you through the steps of organising your room (or rooms – depending on the size). Following the consultation, you will receive a personalised plan of action to help keep your living space free from chaos.

Depending on the space to be organised, it could include:

  • A handy checklist of the systems you will need to put in place to maintain order
  • A list of materials you should buy and instructions as to how to utilise them for maximum benefit
  • A floor plan illustrating the best placement of furniture in order to maximise space and comfort

Price: €145 In-Person Madrid. €115 Virtual Package.

Si deseas más información, envía un correo electrónico a o solicita una consulta gratuita. ¡Nuestros servicios de organización se adaptan a tus necesidades!


Kids Put a system in your child’s closet or organize their toys to encourage independent play and tidy up.


Imagine a kitchen where you can see everything, reach everything, and where it is a joy to cook. Renew your kitchen and make it the hub of your home again.

Bedrooms & More

Always reaching for the same clothes in your wardrobe? Make your bedroom a relaxing place where you see what you want to wear at a glance.

Lynne helped us with our basement which was full of boxes and different stuff…we wanted to give a second life to our basement and thanks to lynn we now have a place where my kid can play , where we can watch tv and chill!

- Val

Mother of 1, Madrid

Lynne helped me declutter and organize my children’s toys virtually, taking the stress of a constant messy toys room away. I am thrilled with the result.

- Christine

Mother of 2, London

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