As a mum of two, I understand the effects of living in a cluttered and messy home. In lockdown of March 2020, I was in my home in Madrid with my two young children (aged 1.5 and 3.5) and my husband working upstairs. My home was in a constant state of chaos, I couldn’t even enter my garage, that’s how much clutter there was. I felt a burden of all the stuff in our home and I became aware of how clutter could ruin relationships. I’m sure you all know what I am talking about.

So I got to work. I tried and tested mini-systems in all of the rooms. I reorganized and declutted my whole house and the results felt incredible. It was great to not have the clutter in our house and they were things we honestly did not need in our lives. It felt like the sun finally flowed through the windows and there was a certain ease to the way I moved through the home.

I always think that decluttering is like having the pipes in your home blocked and you have to call the plumber – once the blockage is removed everything flows nicely! My organization systems help bring a flow to families homes and to their relationships. One of the first steps I always take with clients is to put in my decluttering system which I have popped into a free guide to help you – check it out here: Decluttering in 4 easy steps.

Why do we need to declutter? 

Things in your house talk to you. Every time you walk past something that you have been meaning to throw out for weeks, it is reminding you that it is still there. It’s like a notification on your phone that won’t go away. Just remember that it is ok to get rid of it! Don´t feel bad, remind yourself how much you have used it and throw it away/donate it.

Another reason to declutter is because life can already be stressful enough and there is nothing more calming than coming home to a nice tidy house where you can just take your shoes off (and put them where they belong of course) and relax. Our homes should be a place for us to recharge and unwind after a long day and that can be hard when there is a lot of clutter and no systems. Did you know that our brains like order and having visual clutter/disorganization reduces our ability to focus? So not only is decluttering great for you but it’s great for your brain!

Don´t know how to start?

So you know you need to declutter your space but you don’t know how, what, where, when to start because it all can be quite overwhelming. You can download my free ebook on decluttering made easy in 4 simple steps that comes with 3 “to-do” tables to help you start, amazing extra tips, and a separate step on how to maintain everything once the system is in. You can also book a chat with me and we can see where to take things from there. Just remember that it is ok to be ruthless when decluttering- break the cycle and learn to throw away things you really don’t need


After you start to declutter, organize, and put systems into place, you will start to notice that you will have more time to be with your family, your family will be able to help you out more because of the systems and you WILL start coming home to a nice tidy house! 


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